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What's The Scoop Around Here...

Most of you have probably noticed the recent significant changes happening to the exterior of our property. However, not all of you may be aware of all the changes we've made to the interior of our building as well. It's been an exciting and busy winter! Although it's taken a lot of time and hard work over the past four years to reach these improvement goals, I can't think of a better time than the Spring for their unveiling. We want to use this brief newsletter to tell you a little bit about all these changes:




It was four years ago in March that we purchased this building. Within 30 days, we remodeled the north end of our building into five classrooms we have used to provide child care for children one year to five years old. The infants were cared for in the outer building that we all saw get moved last week. Within a few months, we remodeled and opened the infant room (at the top of the ramp) where the infants are now. This February, three years later, we completed renovations to the south end of our building and, a few weeks ago, we received our license to open that space for child care. With these renovations, we added four rooms to move our toddlers and two year olds. The extra room allows us divide the younger two year olds from the older 2 1/2 - 3 yr. olds. In the north end, we have moved the Pre-K classroom closer to the restrooms and added an enclosed space for school-age children. We are excited about these changes and hope it equals better care for your children.




Many of our exterior improvements took place after the infant room remodel was complete. During that time we added five windows; replaced the sheetrock and insulation, changed the original "castle turrets" to a rocket ship and a space station and painted the moon image and the building. Late last Fall, our insurance company replaced the buildings roofs and over the winter we installed a new tricycle path on our north playground. We plan to make some improvements this summer to our toddler playground in front of the building. Finally, last week our new street sign was installed. With it came a sign, and introduction, of a new project we've been planning for the building to the north of our child care center.




It gets ones attention when you see a medium sized structure get lifted in the air and go away. That building was moved to the north of the fitness center to be used for storage and allow an open drive to our new facility. Holly and I are partnering with a third person to provide a space for adults to exercise, socialize and focus on their overall health. Personal training, fitness classes, massage therapy and a pickleball club are examples of what will be offered. Our market is adults 30 years and up with classes and activities that will meet the needs of younger adults and older adults. We want an environment that is peaceful and quiet to exercise and unwind. Consequently, the children will have to be at Adventure Planet or at home with a trusted caregiver. If interested, please come to our open house this Friday 5-8 pm and Saturday 8-2. You can also visit our website at Of course, you are always welcome to talk to us personally.

We will look forward to your feedback!


Nancy & Holly


Our History

Kid Care Connection, Inc. was founded and formed by Holly Donaldson and Nancy Loescher in August 2000. We are a for-profit, sub chapter S corporation that originally provided child care services before/after school (latchkey) at five Wichita Elementary schools and Mulvane Primary School. On May 31, 2005 we opened Adventure Planet Child Care Center on West 13th Street and in March 2010 we opened our second child care center location on West Central.

Holly earned a BS degree in Psychology with a minor in Rehabilitation Service Education at Emporia State University in 1994. Since that time, she has worked in various social services in Wichita including: The Wichita Children’s Home, KETCH and Medallion School Partnerships - Champion's Before & After School Programs. Her career path has broadened her experience with children of all ages and with families from all socio-economic backgrounds, which assists her in better meeting the needs of all the families we serve.

Nancy earned a BS degree at the University of Nebraska-Kearney and a MS at Emporia State University in Business Education. She has taught high school in Kansas for 19 years. She resigned from teaching in 2002 and worked as the financial and human resource manager for LakePoint Nursing Homes until 2010. She is now involved full time as the Program Director of Adventure Planet Central. Her experience teaching courses in accounting, marketing, entrepreneurship and computer applications benefit the company as well as her experience with children, parents, administrators and community members.


Our Philosophy

We endeavor to provide high quality, stimulating and affordable child care to our families. We accomplish this through qualified teachers, a structured curriculum and efficient management of our facilities. In 2012 we launched our new curriculum designed to integrate a science component. Our goal is to instill a curiosity in learning new things so children are encouraged to explore and ask questions. We believe it's critical at this impressionable age that children develop a love of learning and begin to foster an innate ability to think and problem solve. At Adventure Planet, learning really is an adventure!

Our Staff

Naomi Reyes serves as our Nutrition Specialist for both Adventure Planet locations as well as the Assistant Director at the West 13th Adventure Planet. Naomi has been preparing, planning and documenting food and menus to meet our children's nutritional needs at Adventure Planet since August 2006 and has been in the child care field for over 10 years. She has an education background in Early Childhood Education and Child Nutrition. Naomi is currently in the process of obtaining her degree in Early Childhood Education from Butler County Community College. Noami has spoken at the Annual Fall CACFP training conference as well as provided a training for grantees through the Health and Wellness Coalition of Wichita.

Vicki Craven is the lead Pre-K teacher and Asst. Program Director at AP Central. She worked as a Para Educator for the Mulvane School System for 14 years. During that time, she also lead our before and after school program at Mulvane Primary School. In 2005, she resigned her position at Mulvane to work at our new AP 13th Center. She moved to her current position when we opened our AP Central location in March 2010. Vicki has Early Childhood Education and Basic Business classes from Cowley Community College and Friends University. Besides doing an excellent job preparing the Pre-K kids for kindergarten, she handles the closing responsibilities and assists Holly with creating and integrating our curriculum.

Our Teachers
The teachers at Adventure Planet are selected with care. Education, experience and a love of children are all important factors in selecting our teachers. Every Adventure Planet Employee undergoes and extensive background check and screening prior to employment. Our teachers meet qualifications and standards set forth by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. All teachers are certified in Signs and Symptoms of Illness and Child Abuse/Neglect and Abusive Head Trauma, First Aid and CPR, Child Development, SIDS training and Medication Administration. In addition, all of our teachers obtain 10 hours of additional training each year.

Our Values
In all things, we commit to creating an exciting and sage environment for your child. We build strong relationships with our families and community. We offer families a sense of security. We provide you with a program that is professional, education, enjoyable and full of integrity.

Parents Are Always Welcome
We believe parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life. We do everything possible to ensure parents’ involvement in our program. You are always welcome at Adventure Planet. We encourage you to visit, unannounced, at any time. Stop in, visit your child, and join in our activities. We also encourage you to volunteer your time by sharing your talents and abilities. We welcome your participation in the Adventure Planet program to help make your child’s experience a great one.

Program Description
Adventure Planet provides a stimulating environment filled with exciting enrichments that have been designed to enhance your child’s development and self-esteem. Adventure Planet offers a safe, convenient, fun environment where children can interact, be creative, participate in a variety of activities and have a great time. There is a balance of quiet and active activities as well as indoor and outdoor play. Activities vary for each age group to enhance and expand abilities. These activities are written into a weekly lesson plan based on a changing theme. Lesson plans are posted on the parent communication area at the entrance of each classroom. There is a daily schedule that will be followed for each age group to create a routine for the children.

Our Mission

Where Every Child’s A Star